Growing your business?

We'll make this easy...

Growing your business?

We'll make this easy...

A Tool To Manage Your Trucking Operations

For small and medium-sized operators
Dispatch faster and get paid quicker.
Add loads, track equipment, generate invoices and more.
We make upgrading to a TMS Simple. Affordable. Customizable.

Automate your daily tasks.

A trucking management system (TMS) allows you to store all your important files and documents in one place.

Automated settings save time by generating payroll and invoices with the click of a button.

Say goodbye to emails and spreadsheets, and clear up your time to focus on what's important.

Dispatch Faster

Quick access to load information in one place.

Adding loads is quick and easy with drag-and-drop files, and the ability to copy and paste information from PDFs. A few clicks, and you can assign loads to drivers and equipment. Automatically generate invoicing and payroll.

Get Paid Quicker

Generate and send invoices automatically.

Invoices are automatically generated from loads.
One-click lets you either send the invoice and all documents directly to your customer; or download and print the files yourself.

Work Smarter

Manage your fleet, your team, and grow your business.

DOT compliant driver application and management.
Stay on top of due dates with timely reminders.
Match drivers to trucks and loads, and then automatically generate payroll with just a click.

Our approach

My Truck Board is designed for operators who are ready to grow, but aren't ready for a complex and expensive management system.

With a customizable, simplistic view, we built a system that is quick and easy to set up.

My Truck Board is for those operators who aren't ready for an overly complicated system, but who still need a robust solution.

Read more about My Truck Board's features.



The day-to-day business of transporting goods is complex.
A user-friendly system streamlines workflow and supports your growing business.


Developed especially for small and mid-sized operators.
Decrease time spent on paperwork and filing, so you can enjoy increased loads and profit.


You don't want to waste money and time learning a system that is too complex for your current needs.
Easily add modules as your business grows.