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When a former software engineer spends 20+ years driving and managing truck fleets, it's only a matter of time before they see the need for a new type of trucking management system. Not finding a reliable but simple product on the market, it was time to develop something that would suit the needs of small and medium-sized operators.
Partnering with former colleagues from the IT industry, we have developed a TMS which combines the latest technology and security solutions with our years of trucking expertise.
Small business owner

Understanding small business needs

20+ years

Of trucking experience

Former IT professional

Utilizing the latest technology

Developed in real-time

To respond to daily business needs

Cyber security

Incorporating the highest cyber security features

Providing a better way of keeping track

Using spreadsheets and email worked for a while, but once our business started expanding we needed a better way of keeping track of drivers, equipment, and loads. Trying to remember where attachments were filed, or how they were named, was taking up too much time.

Our approach

My TruckBoard is designed for operators who aren't ready for a complex and expensive management system.

With a customizable, simplistic view, we set out to build a system that would be quick and easy to set up.

We wanted to develop something specifically for those operators like us, who weren't quite ready to jump into the overly complicated systems, but who still needed a robust solution.

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