Key Workflow Features

It's your current system. But better. More streamlined. And much more organized.

Loads pending and in progress

Ensure all details are received by the shipper. Check your driver has the necessary information and paperwork. Track driver location throughout shipping.

Loads delivered and complete

Quickly see which loads have been delivered and which are still in progress. Ensure paperwork is completed and returned.

Loads invoiced and paid

Easily track which loads have been invoiced and paid and which need following up. One glance allows you to see which clients need a reminder.


Improve your productivity with a simple overview of pending, current, and completed loads. Our user-friendly system will help streamline your workflow and support your growing business.

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Carriers and drivers

Driver and carrier information all in one place. Keeping track of the necessary registrations and credentials made simple.

Employees and dispatchers

As a growing company, you’ll likely be adding employees and dispatchers. Having one place to store new hire information is a must.

Shippers and customers

Quickly locate important contact information for your shippers and customers. Whether a job is in progress or needs to be closed, you’ll appreciate having the information at hand.


Your greatest assets are your employees and drivers. Help make their jobs easier by being on top of the paperwork. All of your customer information stored in one place.

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Whether you have one truck or many, knowing where to find all of the related paperwork will save a lot of time and hassle.


Giving each trailer a unique ID allows you to link the trailer to the load. Always know the location of your trailers.


Whether you’re an owner-operator or a carrier with a few trucks and drivers, it’s good to have all of your information in one place.

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Automated invoice generation

Invoices are generated automatically based on the load information within the system.

Personalized with your company logo

Add your company logo and payment information for easy, professional invoices.

Invoice number matched to load number

The invoice number generated automatically matches the load number within the system.


Automatically generate personalized invoices based on completed loads.

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Automated payroll calculation

Payroll is calculated automatically based on the driver and load information within the system.

Equipment lease detail

Include lease and escrow details within the payroll module.

Pay per mile or percent

Designate per mile or per percentage for your payroll calculations.


Transparent and automated. Build trust with your carriers and drivers by giving them access to payroll information via the driver portal.

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Equipment registrations and inspections

Stay ahead of inspections and registration expirations for your trucks and trailers.

Driver CDL expiration

Know when a driver’s CDL is due for renewal.

Driver upcoming reviews

Track driver medical card expiration, annual driving record check and regular drug testing.


Clear, visual reminders to help manage your drivers and trucks. Color-coded for upcoming, or expired, you can easily keep track of expirations, registrations, and driver information.

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Increase in the rate of technology adoption among small fleets recently

All the features you need to organize and manage loads, drivers and equipment.

A Trucking Management System that’s robust but simple enough to get you up and running straight away.
We know the complex nature of Trucking Management Systems is the reason why many smaller carriers are still working with spreadsheets and email. We designed My TruckBoard for the unique needs of smaller, growing businesses.

Stay ahead of regulatory documents, certifications, and maintenance checks. Check the status on all of your loads and drivers on one screen.

Managing your customers and workload has never been simpler.