Relationships that matter

All of your personnel and customer relationship information in one place.

Easy to find.

Easy to manage.

Drivers and carriers

With so many moving parts to manage you want a system that keeps all your driver information in one place.

No more trying to remember how you named a file and where you saved it. No more having to check your notes to see if a driver’s CDL or medical card needs renewal. No more spreadsheets tracking the details of each driver’s payroll.

Drivers input own data

Easier for you, more control for them

Drag and drop documents

Add HR documents from your computer

Automated alerts

CDL and medical card expirations are tracked for you

View by driver

Overview of loads and info by driver to assess individual activity

Driver portal

So they can access payroll and other information directly

Shippers and customers

Shippers are increasingly expecting visibility and accountability. Maybe you don’t have a dedicated sales team to handle your clients. Maybe you don’t have dedicated personnel to input data and learn a new system.

Keeping all your customer information in one central place makes it easy for you, or for your dispatchers, to quickly access what's needed.

Customer profile

Store frequently needed contact information in one place

Quick data entry

Simple fields for fast and easy data input

Link jobs to shippers

Automatically generate information for invoicing and check which accounts need attention

Dispatchers and employees

As your business grows, so too will your workforce. Help make your employees' jobs easier by being on top of the paperwork.
HR documents

Store resumes, certifications, notes and other important human resources materials

Drag and drop documents

Add documents straight from your computer

We are My TruckBoard

It’s your current system. But better. More streamlined. And much more organized.

A better way to stay organized

My TruckBoard is designed specifically to address solutions for improving your productivity and therefore profitability.
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