Loads and dispatch

All of your dispatch information in one place.

Easy to find.

Easy to manage.

Manage your loads and dispatch

The most important piece of information, which requires constant tracking. At a glance, you can see what is happening. The home screen shows loads that are pending, completed, invoiced, and paid.

A simple interface allows quick input of information. Dragging and dropping supporting files. Text recognition of PDF files makes data input a breeze.

Quick data input

Simple and quick to update information

Drag and drop

Add files and documents from your computer

Text recognition

Copy and paste information directly from your PDF files


Overview of all pending, in progress, completed and paid loads

Daily workflow

Your homescreen shows exactly what you need to know

We are My TruckBoard

It’s your current system. But better. More streamlined. And much more organized.

A better way to stay organized

My TruckBoard is designed specifically to address solutions for improving your productivity and therefore profitability.
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