Payroll processing

All of your accounting information in one place.

Easy to find.

Easy to manage.

Manage your payments

Payroll is made much easier and more accurate with My TruckBoard. When you need to calculate payroll, the system automatically pulls the data from which loads the driver has been assigned.

Automated payroll processing with complete transparency means faster driver compensation and better employee retention.

Automatic payroll calculation

Based on driver and load information

Equipment lease

Include loan and escrow data to be calculated automatically

Mileage or percentage pay

Choose whether you compensate your drivers per mile or by percentage

Driver transparency

Drivers access payroll information via portal for complete transparency and trust

Additional notes

A dedicated section for one-off and special reminders

Fuel card and IFTA

Add-on modules include IFTA and fuel calculations

We are My TruckBoard

It’s your current system. But better. More streamlined. And much more organized.

A better way to stay organized

My TruckBoard is designed specifically to address solutions for improving your productivity and therefore profitability.
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